University of Phoenix Closure

University of Phoenix Recruited Using High Pressure Sale

Why is the University of Phoenix being sold? The University of Phoenix sale is yet another dim sign for for-profit colleges accused of valuing money over students. But for-profit education problems point to deeper challenges in higher education. The University of Phoenix has an Open Admission policy which means that the school is accessible to anyone […]

Regency Beauty Institute

Regency Beauty Institute Closure

This week, the cosmetology school shut down all 79 of its locations nationwide, including one in Austin. Some students say they got little notice and the news came as a surprise to staff as well. “The students and the teachers, we’re a family and to know that we’re not going to see each other anymore, […]

ITT Technical Institute School Closure

ITT Technical Institute Closure

The Obama administration took steps that effectively forced the closure of one of the nation’s largest for-profit college chains, banning ITT Technical Institute from enrolling new students. ITT, which has about 43,000 students nationwide, faced accusations from its accreditor of chronic mismanagement of its finances and using questionable recruiting tactics. Due to recent updates with […]