ITT Technical Institute School Closure

ITT Technical Institute Closure

The Obama administration took steps that effectively forced the closure of one of the nation’s largest for-profit college chains, banning ITT Technical Institute from enrolling new students. ITT, which has about 43,000 students nationwide, faced accusations from its accreditor of chronic mismanagement of its finances and using questionable recruiting tactics. Due to recent updates with student loan forgiveness programs, students of ITT Tech now qualify for loan forgiveness. There are varying circumstances around the loan forgiveness, but if you are a victim to this predatory for-profit schools we highly advise you call us too see how we can help. To see if you qualify, and learn what steps to take next Give us a call at (844)766-5462

The Department of Education recently sent a message announcements page to help these students stay updated as the situation develops. Other helpful information, including answers to common questions about student loans, are also available through Forgiveness DocuPrep, which offers a host of clear and impartial answers to hundreds of financial questions.

ITT’s fate may be sealed, but its students’ futures are far less certain. The vast majority of for-profit students take on large sums of student debt to fund their tuition. Roughly 35,000 of ITT’s 45,000 students will be eligible for some form of student debt relief, according to the U.S. Department of Education (ED). If each and every student were to file for discharge, the ED could be on the hook for as much as $500 million, ED Under Secretary Ted Mitchell said on a call with reporters Tuesday. And most of that burden would fall on taxpayer’s shoulders. The ED only required ITT Tech to set aside $123.65 million to cover loan restitution.

What to do next? If you attended ITT Technical Institute

There are certain criteria that make you eligible for a closed school loan discharge, and there are certain steps you need to take to apply for a student loan discharge.

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